Monday, November 3, 2014

November Pin-spired

Get Pin-spired !
Linking up with some fabulous bloggers to share some Pinterest Inspired stuff
First up:
Chicken Pot Pie (Half Home-Made)
What I made
It was sooooo good!
I totally doctored up the insides and had to make an adjustment with the biscuits...
so here's what I did...
I sautéed up some celery, onions & carrots in a dutch oven with a little butter
Then I coated it all with a little flour
I threw in some shredded up rotisserie chicken
Next I poured in a large box of chicken stock
Then a little bit of milk for creaminess
Then I threw in a chicken bouillon cube for flavor
Sprinkled in some salt, pepper & thyme
Then I let it simmer for a while & thicken up
Once that was all done, I dumped it into a pyrex dish
Then plopped the Pillsbury biscuits on top
*** This is where I would change it up next time ***
Definitely cook the biscuits separately on a baking sheet
Mine came out gooey on the bottom and crispy on top, so I took them off the chicken mixture and flipped them over and baked them upside down until they were totally cooked.
THEN put them back on top of the cooked mix 
Overall it was pretty darn good!
Ted said it needed more veggies, so next time I'll throw in a few more.
Yummm !
It was the perfect meal on a crummy, cold, rainy fall night!
And I totally put it over the top with some hot chocolate with whipped cream & cinnamon in my huge Christmas mug while watching Christmas movies on Hallmark :)
And a few style pinspirations that I just LOVE
I absolutely LOVE yellow & navy together
I just bought an adorable yellow top to go with a navy and white stripped scarf....

Half of this outfit I'm presently wearing.
I have a gray sweater and a big fun pink and gray infinite scarf on
But this whole outfit just looks SO cute & comfy!
And I just love the neutral tones with a pop of color bag!
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Happy Monday Friends!
I'm personally excited because of Teachers Convention, I have a 3 day work week!

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