Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Favorites & A Giveaway!

I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey! I surely did. I had an amazing day watching the parade with my mama while Ted and his dad went hunting for pheasant.
We cooked together all morning and got everything ready.

Ted came over to my moms around 1:00 and we took a ride to the cemetery to visit with my dad...
One of his traditions from Thanksgiving was to always listen to Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Gunthrie at least once but usually three or four times on Thanksgiving day.

So as I got older, he always made me sit with him and listen to it. If you've ever heard it, it's kind of a talking story telling type song more so than an actual song.
So every year on Thanksgiving for the past 4 without him, I go to the cemetery and play it on my phone and sit there and listen to it. And every year I cry and miss him desperately.
Ted has gone with me for the past 3 years. He always has tons of tissues stashed in his pockets. And always listens to me tell him about how we used to sit at the kitchen table and listen to this each year and what my dad would say and how he'd laugh and I just never found it as humorous and entertaining as he did..... but it's different now obviously, so it's kind of special and something I will never stop doing. Ted met my dad one time and shook his hand before we went out one night. Soon after, he suddenly passed. We had only been dating a very very short time and he was there for me, and stood by me and attended services and just 110% knows how to help me through a tough day, or minute, or thought when I'm upset or missing my dad.....
Dinner was amazing of course, as was dessert.

I love being with my family more than anything. My mom always makes everything so pretty. And her food is just amazing... We only had 7 of us this year, but next year we may be in our new house so we might host !!
 Jake thoroughly enjoyed lounging by the fire all day 
And I managed to snag a picture with this cute bearded fella...
Fiercely wearing my blanket scarf of course!
Now on to the good stuff.....
Since Thanksgiving is a wrap, I'm fully moving into Christmas mode....
SO... Who doesn't love a good giveaway!? 
I know I do. Now, I am new to the blog scene, so I don't have a fancy raffle copter thing (yet) 
HOWEVER - I promise to be super fair and kick it old school by pulling names out of a hat! Haha. 
Who really cares HOW I pick, just so long as one of you walks away with a sweet prize...
Therefore, without further ado, this is what the winner will receive!

My favorite Christmas time lotion, Vanilla Bean Noel
A $5 Starbucks gift card 
A goodie bag from my favorite place to buy chocolates, Gertrude Hawk. 

To enter, simply tell me your favorite Christmas tradition in the comment section below.
I'll choose a winner and announce it on Monday!
I'm spending the day taking down Fall & Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas.
My hubby and I are also taking a ride to a local brewery for a special beer they bottled!
I love a good craft brew & supporting our local businesses!
 Happy Friday Ladies & Good Luck!



  1. I'm with you I am in full Christmas mode!! My favorite tradition for my family is our drive to go look at Christmas lights every year, we spend about 2 hours out looking at Christmas lights.

  2. My favorite Christmas tradition is every Christmas Morning my Dad reads from Luke for the Christmas story. And every year by the time he gets done reading baby Jesus is a full grown man. :) He always forgets and keeps reading and reading and reading. It's hilarious!

  3. fave tradition would have to be singing Christmas carols together with my family by the fire after we eat dinner on Christmas Eve. It brings us all together in a calm way and reminds us all of the real meaning of this holiday.