Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Throwbacks...

I was looking through some old pictures last night and came across some great memories and wanted to share......
My amazing Dad <3 My Angel in Heaven.... I miss him
It will be 4 years in April that God took him home at the young age of 56.
It was sudden. It wasn't fair. And it's something that hurts every day.
I miss him with every ounce of my soul
 Look at these two kids... The first Devil's game Ted took me to.
We had been dating about a month

One of my favorites from our Engagement shoot

Visiting Atlantic City with my Amanda's in 2010
(note the super short hair I was sporting)
I have TONS of pictures like this.
This one below was a FREEZING day in January when he bought a new board and couldn't wait to try it out. Despite the black and white picture, it really was super gloomy out. I was bundled up in a coat, hat, scarf, gloves... And he was about to jump in the Atlantic!  

 My Surfer Boy :)

4th of July party when we started dating... I love this picture

My best friend Amanda who lives in Texas...
On the left was 2nd grade on her front porch in NJ
On the right is Summer 2013 on the Boardwalk in Seaside
25 years of friendship between these photos
(the left is a picture of a polaroid!) 
So, I'm kind of obsessed with country music, Toby Keith in particular and I usually go to see him every year, sometimes twice... I had to skip this year because he was in town while I was on my honeymoon... but this was 2013.
When I met Ted he hated country music! You can see I've successfully transformed him into a country lover... haha.. poor guy. He's the best.

And for last...
That time my two friends and I got stuck in the Detroit Airport for 9 hours, traveling to San Antonio for Amanda's bridal festivities because our first flight was late to take off and we missed our connecting flight. Well, we were late to the gate and they had given our seats away to stand-by people, which was a mistake because they knew our other flight was late.....
So we had to BEG to get on the next flight which was 9 hours later. They gave us 2 meal vouchers since we would need lunch AND dinner and 2 drink vouchers each AND a flight voucher. So we kind of made out in the deal, but believe me...
9 hours in an airport is torture. We got t-shirts that said "got Michigan?" wore them proudly throughout the airport. Listened to the warning about suspicious packages and bags about 10,000 times and almost mastered all the languages it's said in, and did a lot of sitting around. Thankfully the 3 of us made the best of it and somehow had a blast...
Amanda (in TX) went to the airport to pick up our bags since they got on the connecting flight, that way they wouldn't get lost in the shuffle.
We had an amazing trip. This was Amanda (right) dropping us off for our flight home...
Ironically on the way HOME from the airport we got pulled over TWICE by the cops....
Hahaha...this was such a memorable trip from start to finish.
I love making amazing memories with great friends!

Happy Thursday....Thank Goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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