Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions!

I am very excited to be linking up with Heather from Notes from the Nelsens today!
Heather's blog is one I started following a while ago and I just love her little family!
Check out her blog!
So for my mid-month confessions I figured I'd share a bunch of random things...
First off... I compiled a "list" if you will of 4 items I want.
I added up how much said items would cost and almost fell on the ground.
I guess I have extremely pricey taste huh!?
There you have it.... (from top left clockwise:)
There it is. The hefty price tag for things I want...
After looking at this, I realized I need all none of them.
I reminded myself that we're saving for a house etc.
Told myself that $90 for a sweater is crazy and convinced myself to touch back upon this list if any of the things went on sale (unlikely)
Good girl, right?
I impulse bought the Blardigan last night at like 9pm because I was freezing.
Seems about right don'tcha think??
It arrives Monday...
I'm not proud.
The next....LAUNDRY! (and what I did in a pinch)
One of the things I said I wanted to work on for the New Year is getting a dang grip on my laundry because we just seem to accumulate SO much!
We had a house showing last week...
I had tons of laundry all sorted out on the floor of the den/laundry room...
 Instead of doing it quickly because THAT wasn't happening, I put it all into 2 or 3 laundry baskets and shoved it into my car so the potential buyers wouldn't see it.
Now, when guests come by you can stick stuff like that in a room and shut the door, or in a closet, but when people interested in buying your home come, they open every single nook and cranny of the house. I had no other option. 
So into the Camry in went.
And my last confession for this post is a doozy...
My #1  "less than perfect" moment of the month award goes to...
Yup. Yodels.
I was at Shoprite picking up a few extra items I needed for my Chicken Florentine Pasta that I made... and saw Yodels.. you know....
No biggie right?? Yeah. That's what I thought.
I haven't had a Yodel since I was a kid....
So I scooped up a box.
And ate a package...
Then another...
In my car.
In the parking lot.
AND wanted another...
I sound like some crazy sweets deprived maniac who's never had a greasy cream filled pre-packaged cake full of all kinds of artificial goodness before in my life! Not like its a huge deal, but I just felt like a total pig. Mind you this was after I ate a pork roll and cheese on a bagel because this was also the day I blogged about how good pork roll is
(especially paired on a bagel with cheese) Because...well...
See that folks... The epitome of health.  I'm not proud! Lol
BUT it gets better... because the next day when I was packing my bag for work, which contained fruit, my tea mug, oatmeal and a granola bar.... I threw these two bad boys in there because I'm a closet fatkid.
I'm not even going to read the ingredients or "nutrition" information because I know it's basically like eating fake chocolate covered oil and God only knows what else.
Once the box is gone, it's gone. I will NEVER impulse buy garbage again because CLEARLY I can't be trusted!
So there we have it. I'm not even sure I got the premise correct, but if not, I hop ya'll got a kick out of my not so perfect moments of the month.
Happy Thursday!
Friday Favorites tomorrow!


  1. Hold the phone you love one of my all time favorite sandwiches?!! We call it Taylor ham but it is one of my faves! It's a Jersey thing that people here in Atlanta don't seem to get. I can only buy it in one grocery store! It was our daily beach lunch when we went to the Jersey shore every summer. Ahh, memories. :) okay and you had we rolling with your laundry in the car confession and yodel binge! Hahaha so fantastic. Lastly, if I can add my two sense about your four wants, I'd say the Uggs are totally worth it more so than the Hunters. I love my Uggs! The Hunters I could give or take. Target rain boots are just as cute in my opinion. ;) thanks for linking up!!!

    1. Hahah yessss south Jersey calls it Pork Roll. It's an amazing meat!! Consider yourself lucky for having it there! Not many places outside NJ have it!!
      I'm gonna go for the uggs.. ;) Thanks for the 2 cents :)

  2. Tiffany, thanks for linking up today! I loved your list, and I literally laughed out loud when I read that you purchased the $90.00 Blardigan. Hilarious and totally something I would do!! (I see you are a fellow PTMT reader too!) The laundry idea seems perfectly reasonable to me, and I might just start doing it myself... As it stand right now, I can't even walk into the laundry room in our house without having a panic attack. And, I probably would have eaten the whole BOX of Yodels, so I feel like you practiced excellent self control. Keep it up girl! ;)

  3. Eeek! You bought the blardigan!!! I have been on the fence about it for so long despite all the good reviews hahah. Go girl! And healthy foods are super over rated anyway. I have got to try those Yodels.I'm pretty sure I need those in my life. Not even kidding haha. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hi Tiffany!

    I'm visiting from the link-up and wanted to stop by and say hi! :)

    As far as the four items go, I think you have great taste! ;)

    Junk food made my list too. Zaxby's to be exact.

  5. Found this post from the link on your Friday Favorites link-up... I loved your confessions! How is the Blardigan? I know I'd LIVE in one if I ever break down and buy one.

    1. I would 100% say it is worth EVERY penny! It is so cozy and warm and I literally wear it every day. I'm wearing it right now haha... make the plunge! I promise you won't be disappointed!