Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ January Things

Linking up with Andrea Erika & Narci for Friday Faves!

I'm excited that January is nearing the end. I'm a huge fan of the spring and warm weather so we are getting closer with the close of each cold month! And January was pretty dang bitter here in Jersey. This past week we had 2 half days and a whole day off because of snow.
Hey, I'm not complaining but there is something about those kind of days that are such a tease and make the rest of the work week feel so drawn out! I for one couldn't be happier its Friday! Bring on the weekend!
So my favorites are things from this month...
Starting with my absolute new favorite cookies
Seriously go make them! And eat them ALL!!
You will love them :)
Since we've had a bunch of snow lately, my new favorite piece of snow removal equipment (I'm not sure what the correct word is really)
is this amazing adjustable scraper brush combo
It extends to reach across the entire windshield and is just amazing!
That combined with my remote start makes icy snowy mornings much better!
My next favorite is this blog post I did about my "mid month confessions"
It was so fun confession my craziness!
My next favorite is this delicious lotion
I have the light green one.
The scent is cucumber...and let me tell you its fabulous!
I picked mine up at Kohl's of all places...
I am usually a fan of my Aruba Aloe lotion, but in an effort to NOT use all of my little bottle, I'm substituting this one and it's divine.
And for my last favorite I'm sharing my TWO favorite snacks lately
Ted and I have been doing smoothies in the morning so that's a good healthy change from my normal bun or muffin or buttered roll!
But my snacks aren't always AS healthy. But I am trying.
So my favorite "sweet" grab and go is this granola bar
It's chocolate chip which satisfies the sweet and low in sugar so it isn't terrible.
Next is my favorite "salty" grab and go is this
Who doesn't love a soft pretzel.
Now, I'm not saying I eat these on the daily or even like once a week, but when a hankering strikes me, and I have to have it.... or as WaWa says "Gotta hava wawa"
I answer and get myself one!
For those of you who don't know, WaWa is the greatest convenience store that ever was.
Happy Friday Ladies!



  1. Fun post! Found your blog on the Friday Favorites link-up. Happy weekend!