Thursday, March 12, 2015

House Update!

On Tuesday we went to look at what I thought would be the perfect house and truth be told… IT WAS!
I usually go look with my mom and if I think it’s worth bringing Ted, then we make another appointment. But this time, Ted came for the initial visit.
It popped up on the MLS and I was super exited because it’s in the neighborhood we want and the perfect location for us and has an awesome yard and it just laid out perfectly.
So, on Tuesday evening, in the pouring rain we went to check it out!
We were there looking for an hour!
We both completely fell in love with it. It’s definitely a “fixer upper” in some ways but just cosmetically. It doesn’t need major work done. Just typical things like carpets, paint, minor fixes etc. Like for example, the master bathroom has carpet!! Eeeek!! We went again last night with Ted’s dad and a family friend who is a builder…
Now in order for this to work in our favor, the seller would have to accept our offer based on the contingency of selling our house. And that being said, we need to drop our asking price to make it move! I’m praying that this all works out.
I’m beyond excited to get into our forever home!
Here’s a tiny peek at the house….
I have MAJOR visions for this..... HUGE - I've been pinning TONS of ideas for a fixer upper!
For example....
Look at that remodel! A little paint and a new back splash does WONDERS!
I also have tons of ideas for so many other things thanks to Pinterest
Find me on Pinterest: Here
Check out this modified shed - useful AND fun for parties
And I love this idea for a towel holder - so simple but makes such a nice statement!

And adding this little piece of molding to a window completely changes the look!

And this mud room/garage entry is adorable!
I also LOVE this reno - they make it look so easy!

And this is just perfect to make and hang up in the house!

I'll be saying a few extra prayers that this all works out and I can start creating our dream home!
Until then....only time will tell...
Stop by tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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