Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ Looking back...

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Ok so I'm sitting on my couch watching American Idol thinking about posting a pic to Instagram for throw back Thursday...
I find all these pictures I totally forgot existed... So for my faves this Friday I'm gonna show you my favorite pics from my phone... Boring? Maybe....
But someone out there might enjoy a glimpse into the past few months of my life :-)
This is sadly, right after Sandy... but when you scroll past it on a cell phone,  it stands out for obvious reasons. Almost look realistic..

This is a fox at Island Beach State Park a few weekends ago... they hang out all over the island... they come right up to the truck. Kinda sad, but they are well taken care of.
This was on the way to Kevin & Heathers wedding... Ted was in the wedding so I drove to the church solo... I was having a fabulous hair day, so I showed Manda in Texas... :)
The blue heart I made out of my dads favorite blue shirt and sewed into my wedding dress <3
Little man and my hubby... just cute.
Aruba :)

My nephews
Chalkboard in my moms kitchen!!! :)
I have NO, don't recall this AT ALL but hey, I'm owning it
The donations I received for our local animal shelter instead of wishing well stuff for my wedding shower! We were so excited to make such an awesome donation!!
Jersey Tomato... on a BLT omg. Summer food....yummm
Haha - Me and my co-worker/friend at our friends wedding. Long story behind this pic but has a lot to do with Wedding drama!!!
Aruba ~ At night.. smoochin' my hubby
I neeeeeeeeed this hoodie!!
I hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend! Hubby is off tomorrow so I'm pretty stoked about that.
Stay warm & dry <3


  1. Loving that you sewed that little heart into your dress! I have several things of my dads and I think you just gave me a great idea!