Thursday, January 8, 2015

Whats Cookin'.....for breakfast!!

~ Breakfast Edition ~
I'm SO not a breakfast person. In fact I struggle with this on the daily. When I'm home I can eat someone better then during the work week. I tend to grab those "not so good for you" junk food breakfast items. I'm REALLY trying hard to break it! However, when I AM home, I love to make a yummy breakfast for me and my husband. It's a pretty standard meal of Eggs, Potatoes & breakfast meat....but the way I spice it up makes all the difference!
For my potatoes I usually peel (or not) 3 large red potatoes (or any color really) and cut them in half long ways and then again in half and then into little slivers.
Toss them into a medium heat pan that has some butter melted into it.
Flip them around until they have cooked a bit (about 8 minutes)
Then sprinkle dried onion (or if you feel like slicing up half a small onion very very finely) salt & pepper on top.
Add a little more butter.
Sautee until almost completely cooked (gotta eye ball it)
Then sprinkle paprika all over it and toss around again. 
SUPER easy and SO delicious!
I have also made these as a side with dinner. We love them.
On to the Eggs.
I'm a scrambled eggs girl. Well done, almost burnt. Some people call it gross, I call it the way I can get eggs down the dang hatch. The whole sunny side up makes me gag (no offense) but there is nothing sunny about runny yolks folks. #welldoneforthewin
So, that being said - I break a few eggs into a bowl.
Sprinkle some salt and pepper in there.
Then add the "Italian Blend" spice to the bowl
A little garlic pepper and a splash of milk
Then whisk them up with a fork, or whatever you like to whisk your eggs with
And dump them into a hot skillet/pan with a lil bit of butter and cook to your liking
*Sorry - no pic of this, but use your imagination*
Ted love eggs this way. The same spice combo works for cooking eggs other ways, just don't scramble them! hahah
I also make Ted a egg sandwich with fried eggs with the same spices. I just sprinkle them on right before flipping them over :)
Next up is the meat...

Pretty basic stuff here...
Whether it's bacon, turkey bacon, sausage, chicken sausage, turkey sausage, taylor ham or as we call it pork roll... meat up that breakfast!
My favorite is bacon but I'm also a huge fan of pork roll.
Those of you not from Jersey don't know the deliciousness that IS pork roll.

My favorite thing is pork roll and cheese on a bagel.
It doesn't get healthier than that people.
Most Jersey people do the Pork Roll Egg & Cheese on a hard roll or an Everything Bagel.
I Mean.....

Now that you are hungry like me, try to get yourself some Pork Roll...
Not gonna lie, I might grab this for lunch.
#dietstartsMonday #Ipromise
Happy Thursday ladies... I'm personally struggling to get through this first week back and CAN NOT wait for the weekend to get my house back in order and finally put away ALL my Christmas decorations....who's with me?!

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  1. Yes yes and yes to that exact bagel sandwich. The BEST! You're making me miss Jersey real bad right now. :)