Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Resolutions & Goals for 2015

- First of all -
Happy 60th Birthday to my Angel in Heaven, my Dad.
I love you and miss you more than anything in this world.
My Brother, My Dad and Me on his 32nd birthday. Crazy because that's how old I am :)

I am soooo not a "New Years Resolution" maker! I try to change things when I notice they need a changin'. But since this is my first "new year" as a married woman, a wife and someone's other half, I think I can set some goals and make a few slight alterations to several things.
Stay on top of the Laundry!
~How awful does that sound, and how sad that it is the number one thing on my list!?
It's so true though... When I moved in with Ted in the summer, I kind of had a grip on our laundry. Obviously it was much easier when I did mine at my house and occasionally did his for him at his house. But now?? Now that all our stuff is combined, it seems that there is always a big pile of laundry to tackle. And oddly enough, I enjoy doing laundry. I like all of it except putting it away. And this is partly because we are so limited for space in our current house, that it's kind of a pain to do so.
Therefore, I hope to really get control of it so that I don't ALWAYS feel like I'm coming home to a mound of laundry!
Cook More!!
Hawaiian Grilled Pork Chops here 
Andrea's Best Ever Pulled Pork here

Shredded Beef Tacos here
Cook more!! I actually do cook a lot, but I feel like this has significantly slacked off since the week before Christmas when I got sick. Now mind you, I had laryngitis and bronchitis and ran a fever for a few days and was at the doctor 3 times, so I am allowed to slack a bit!
But being that I am a new wife, I want to have more home cooked meals with my husband. That being said, we really love eating out or calling in take out. Especially from our favorite place Via Napoli. For example, last night we shared a dinner(because they are HUGE), had 2 side salads and 3 garlic knots all for like $18 - I couldn't make that meal for that price!
So SOMETIMES it is ok to get take out!
But I  truly do want to cook more!
Get In Better Shape!
Now I'm not the type to say I'm going to diet and eat better and go to the gym etc. as a "New Years resolution" Like, not at all! BUT - I am not comfortable with my current weight and I want to have a baby in the near future (God willing). It will only benefit me to shed some extra weight before that happens. It's not something I'm obsessing over of course, I just want to make a few slight changes to my habits. For example, two donuts and an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts isn't ideal for breakfast :)
And skipping lunch and/or dinner isn't healthy either.
I'd also like to get back into Yoga because quite frankly, I'm not a gym girl or a runner.
Never was, never will be. But I loved Yoga. I had to cut it short last spring when I had to have emergency gallbladder removal surgery (that was a hoot)
Sell our house
Obviously I/we have no control over this, but I truly hope and pray it sells sooner than later.
Ted and I want to sell it and move before we start a family and we want to start a family so that whole house thing is getting in the way! :)
We've had several people come look, but no buyers. We just reduced the price to a more "movable" number. I'm hoping a family comes to see it and falls in love with it.
It's really important to both of us to have a home that is OURS not his that I live in.
I know that might sounds silly to some, but I can't change the way I feel.
Besides, we want to be closer to my mom and my brother and his family anyway.

And last but not least....
Be better with Money
Quite simply, I am a spender! And when all I had to worry about was myself, this was an OK thing to deal with. But now that I have a home, a husband and we're saving for a new home, that's a little different. I love to shop and spend just like any other girl, but I truly have to relax a bit until we get ourselves into a new house! 
Try as I might, It won't be an easy feat! haha
So on that note, while I am saying how I want to save money, eat better and not eat out as much, we are going to Houlihan's for supper tonight in honor of my Dad's 60th Birthday.
This is his 4th Birthday in Heaven, and we all just miss him dearly.
What's Cookin' Wednesday tomorrow...


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