Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend wrap-up ~ we're under a blizzard warning!

As I type this, our state is under a blizzard warning. I mean, batten down the hatches, get your bread and milk folks because 24 inches of snow is on its way! 
I'm excited - haha. I love snow! I love being snowed in. And at 9pm (Sunday) we already have an early dismissal for tomorrow at school.... 
Can I get an amen?! 

Our weekend was pretty low key. 
Friday after work I got my hair done. Which was LONG over due! 

The most attractive picture of me around:
Then Friday night we went out to Shady Rest for dinner. And I'm thinking of how much I say we eat out but realize that we are still newlyweds and once we have babies eating out will be seldom so I'm embracing our little date nights!! 
Saturday we woke up and power cleaned because we had a house showing. (Fingers crossed!) then took off to do some errands. 

Stopped at Chik Fil A for some lunch... 

Then headed back home. We hung out for a bit then I whipped up some delicious chili 

Recipe Wednesday!! 
We watched the hockey all star skills competition and pretty much headed to bed after that. 

Sunday I made waffles in my waffle iron again and then we went to my moms to get her generator situated in case we lose power with this snow storm. Then headed over to the food store on the island for some groceries. And stopped to peek at the ocean...

IN LOVE with this picture. OMG. LOVE. 

Then we took a selfie...

Then headed back home to drop off the groceries and our pup before we went BACK to moms for an amazing dinner. 
Sunday night was spent getting everything situated for the big blizzard... 

Yup. There we are. 12-24 

Hopefully things don't get too out of hand before I get home... 
And hopefully I get a few days off from work this week because of it all!

And for kicks... Here is the only picture I have of my new super blondie hairs. 

Have a great week!! Stay safe & warm!


  1. Stopping in from the link up! My parents live in CT and they are going to get HAMMERED with of the reasons I live in LA lol.

    Can't wait to see that chili recipe and your hair looks fab! Stay safe and warm!

    Ps. Newest follower :)