Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Interrupted by the bitter cold

I know today is supposed to be what's  Cookin Wednesday but I didn't cook a dang thjng. It's currently 10° outside with a real feel of 0°. I'm cuddled up with my hubby with the heat cranked trying like hell to stay warm!! It's been brutally cold for 2 solid days. After working all day then heading to pick up my nephew from school (standing outside mind you FREEZING) then straight to teach CCD over on the island - I'm pretty much done for the day/night!  So I'll follow up tomorrow with a favorite meal... 
Say a prayer for my sanity as I head to work in 7°. For realz. 
I wasn't joking! 
Above was this afternoon leaving work. 
The above here is leaving dinner last night. It was SO cold!! 
Above is yesterday. Please note the snow on my hat and of course my fabulous blanket scarf! 
Brrr. Jersey is supposed to be warm! 
Like this....
And this...
Oh well... Thinking about warmer days. Or at least, a snow day!! 
Stay warm East Coasters!! 

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