Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap up

Is it Monday already ?! Ughgh ~ I need another day off!
Our weekend was pretty normal for us.
Friday leaving work was bitter cold....
Scarf from Accessory Concierge thanks to seeing it on Sheaffers blog!
Friday night we ate dinner at a local dive that we LOVE called The Shady Rest
 We both had the exact same thing because it is one of the best items on their menu...
A nice crisp salad & some garlic bread....
Steak Alexis ~ which is filet mignon with crab meat and garlic in a buttery sauce
Any my ALL TIME fave....  creamy parsley potatoes.. I don't know what exactly is on them but my goodness they are to die for!
 After dinner we went home and watched "The Other Women"
Funny movie for sure...and snuggled with our fur kids...
This pic kills me... on the left is when Tessa was in the crate thing at PetSmart... on the right is when we brought her home... she is such a love! ADOPT animals people... so many need homes....Please don't buy while shelter pets die!
It's a real shame this dog has such a bad life... I'm gonna let the picture do the talking
 Saturday, we went all over the place.... I sported my new Tribal Hoodie from Tara Lynns
 We went up to the Freehold Mall which is about an hour north, but has so many more stores including Nordstrom :)
On our way up the parkway, we saw what we thought was a horrific crash, turns out it was a crane that tipped over. Luckily no one was hurt, but it did a number on traffic...  
 I went to Nordstrom to specifically try on the Blardigan that everyone RAVES about.... and I have to admit, I fell in love. And my hubby was on board with me getting it even with the $90 price tag.... but I didn't for some reason... HOWEVER, I did order it online last night!
Super excited! Can't wait to get it!!
My hubby bought some awesome Lego to tackle.. I love him. He wanted to "have Legos in the house" for when our nephew comes over, but he couldn't resist doing it yesterday!
 The average Saturday was about 16*
We sent this to my friend in Texas after running to the truck after shopping...
After the mall we hit up Delicious Orchards which was a blast! We got tons of fruits and veggies and lots of yummy things....
Then headed over to Rook Coffeefor a little pick me up!
Then after dinner we headed over Ted's sisters boyfriend's (one of my best friends, so awesome) new house that they will be living in together!
I just love this guy so much, and please DISREGARD the awful filter I used on this pic which made poor Ted's teeth a gloomy shade of yellow, I promise you they are pearly white!  (lol)
And of course, the only natural thing to do when its (literally) 14* is to get ice cream!
My ABSOLUTE favorite from my favorite ice cream place ever...
Waffle cone with Mississippi mud pie
(Chocolate/coffee ice cream with swirls and chocolate covered almonds) 
 Sunday I went to church with my mama as usual, and came home and cleaned and really put Christmas away and re-organized! What a mess we made... So we decided the only logical thing to do would be to go out for Mexican.... So we did, and I got my favorite thing ever.... Flautas!  
We headed home, and got ready for the work day (today) and got cozy on the couch. 
But before that, we did a test run with making smoothies with all the great fruit we got....
Boy it was delish! I had one this yummy!!  
That pretty much sums up our weekend...
Looking forward to next weekend having 3 days off!
I know it's only Monday, but heck, I'm ready for Friday already!
Monday Motivation...
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  1. What a fun weekend! That food looks to die for! Have a great week.