Thursday, January 22, 2015

Working Mom vs. Stay at Home Mom

Ohhhh this topic and how so many people have SUCH strong opinions about it!
When I was a little kid, I swore I'd be a teacher or a mom.
Look in my Elementary "yearbook" it says right there in it:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
My answer: A house wife and mom
I grew up with a mom who didn't work.
So in my mind, that's what being a woman was all about!
And I couldn't wait to have a husband and kids... seriously.
I currently work in a middle school with the special needs population and I LOVE IT.
However, I'd leave in a heartbeat if given the choice. lol
So naturally once I got married and we started discussing having kids these thoughts ran through my mind. And this is something Ted and I spoke about before marriage.
He knew that working after we had children wasn't something I was interested in.
In my OPINION...and there is ABSOLUTELY NO JUDGEMENT here...
If I/WE am responsible enough to make the decision to HAVE children,
then it is MY/OUR responsibility to raise them.
Also - the amount of money day care costs is through the roof and I just personally want to stay home with my baby/babies.
We are going to try to have children once we sell out house and get into our forever home because selling a house and buying a house and moving and being pregnant and/or having a baby all at once is way too much!
So hopefully it works out the way we imagine.
It's funny too, because so many people have this awkward jealous angry opinion of stay at  home moms. Like they are better than you if they are working moms because they work AND take care of their kids. And don't get me wrong, once my kids are older and in school I'd want to work again, I think, but not when I have littles.
I just don't understand the nasty grudge some people have about it.
I get how tough it is to be a SAHM, I think they rock!
And like I said, I can't wait!!
But these people (like below) I just don't get it!?
What do the stay at home mama's out there think...
Is going to one income difficult?
Are you bothered "living" off your husbands money?
Do any of you who went from a working girl to SAHM have any regrets?
Do you miss "socializing" at work?
Do your hubby's support the idea of you NOT working?
I'm just curious as to what others, besides the people I speak to regularly, think.
I hear so many stories that it's so un-supported these days.
Share your thoughts with me... I'd love to hear all/any feedback!
Who remembers this gem from Good Housekeeping???
It floats around social media now and then...

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