Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday ~ Let's Get Organized!!

I love to organize everything in my life.
I have baskets and containers for just about everything.
I re-organize my closets all the time.
Currently, in our house I just simply don't have enough room for the amount of stuff we both have and it's driving me absolutely crazy! It isn't terrible, and probably wouldn't bother most people, but it makes me nuts.
So this is my entry table which has baskets under it which I keep VERY random stuff in...
The top left has random small house decorations, the one to the right holds all my candles and the bottom one has magazines in it. Not too random I guess... typical house stuff.
This is currently a mess haha but it's been COLD! This is in my coat closet.
A basket for scarves (coat scarves, my outfit scarves are in another closet)
And winter hats and gloves are in the red one.
Almost looks like his and hers ;-)
I hate this area of our house with a growing passion!
In the den is a door to the back yard. If you look close enough, you can see it.
Our attic is large, but impossible to get these containers into.
There is a small square access hole that requires a ladder to access it.
THEREFORE: I keep my decorations for each season in these containers....
There may or may not be a whole bunch more in my moms basement until we move...
I'm actually putting up a tension rod with a long curtain to sort of "close off" the space.
This picture is almost embarrassing but hey, I'm keeping it real ladies...
This is my "organized" bathroom closet.
I re-purposed a small drawer container that previously housed portable electronics as you can see if you really look beyond the washi tape...
In there holds our medicines in pill form and ointments (I hate that word)
In the basket is first aid and large bottles of medicine. 
I also heavily rely on my Erin Condren life planner to organize things
My "Reminders" app on my phone that I just tell Siri when to remind me of stuff...
Now since I was super busy yesterday, and spending QT with my hubs, I'll wrap up our weekend too...
Like I mentioned here - I bought the Blardigan... and I love it!
It was all full of static Friday so I was very electric but that didn't stop the love...
*Please note the hideous boots I have on but you can barely see...I had just picked these up from my moms because she "found" them in the back of a closet....I tried them on, took this pic, looked at the pic and threw them away!*
I was suuuuuuuuuper pumped to make waffles in my waffle maker on Sunday!
I had picked up waffle mix from Williams Sonoma not that long ago, and we got a waffle maker for our wedding so here it was... They were delish!!
Paper plates ~ Because I LOATHE syrupy dishes!!
My hubby and I enjoyed a nice relaxing day yesterday finished with his favorite beer and my favorite wine while our dinner cooked on the grill! 
I rocked my #MandaStrong shirt and the Blardigan pretty much all day
Needless to say, I was comfy
And today marks 4 months that we have been married!!
I told Ted that we are going to do something special for each month we are married up until our one year anniversary then after that obviously just the yearly thing.... so tonight we are going to dinner at our favorite spot! Via Napoli
Happy Tuesday


  1. Have fun at dinner. LOVE my blardigan and give them as gifts to special people as well!

  2. Hello from Show and Tell! I like how your home decorating baskets are both nice looking for the space and functional. I also keep candles in a basket in our living room and change out colors/smells with the seasons. I don't have an EC planner yet but hope to get one someday soon!