Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ A whole lotta random!

It's been BITTER cold pretty much all across America the past few days.... This little thing is so cute...but SO true!! Hahah I can't count how many times this week I said to my husband "Lets move somewhere warm"
 But since I have to deal with the cold... These amazing convertible mittens are my favorite.
 And lucky me they still have my favorite Gingerbread at my Starbucks AND red cups! 
On Tuesday, in honor of my dads 60th birthday in heaven... I had HIS favorite breakfast:
A Wawa coffee bun & wawa "coffee" (it was tea)  
Everyone's favorite movie Frozen! This hangs right outside my office in the hallway...
A Science teacher used it for a project...clever
2014 was one of my favorite years... lots of amazing memories were made 
My favorite man helping with the laundry....over-achiever! Haha  
My favorite day <3
My absolute favorite bag company, Barrington came out with their new monogram bags and OMG I'm dying.... I need one, like NOW!
My new favorite boutique! Tara Lynn's !
My current favorite house we're considering buying!
 Love. Love. Love.
Happy Friday Ladies!
Stay warm out there...and have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. I am sooo wanting a Barrington bag. I have them on IG and salivate on the daily.

    1. My hubby bought me the St. Anne tote for a pre wedding gift and I love it. I totally want one from the new line! Such a great bag!
      I drool too... daily!