Monday, March 9, 2015

Bachelor Thoughts

My oh my. This show. Haha. 
I don't watch it every season. 
Sometimes I forget or sometimes I don't like the bachelor/ette but I loved this one.
Chris was a good guy. And I can't believe he picked Whitney!!! I love her!  I know I said yesterday that I was pulling for Becca but, dang, after the show last night screw that thought! Sister didn't know what she wanted and ABC "ain't got time for that"
Whitney was so genuine and sincere and really loves him! 
And OH MY GAAAH - Britt & Kaitlyn?!?!
But ABC 8pm-11pm on a school night it's a bit rough!! #5amcomesearly
When this chick hits the hay at 9:15 on the regular... 11:15 puts a link in my night. Haha. Wow I'm old 
I'm excited for Sheaffer's recap. 
She cracks me up... I swear girlfriend and I would get along great!! #letsdolunch #carlycancometoo
I don't know about ya'll but moving from California to Arlington Iowa is HUGE. Chicago isn't as bad but still. 
Heck, moving from anywhere else in America to there is big. 
Being a girl from Jersey which is super fast paced, and living 4 minutes from the beach and all the great things that are nearby, I sure as heck couldn't do it! 
I mean, I moved 25 minutes (south) away from where all my family is and I think THATS too far!! Hahah. 
(Side note: we're looking at a house today that I reeeeaaaallly want. It's a fixer upper and needs some lovin' so cross some fingers)
So anyway, The Bachelor is over. My Monday nights become blah again. 
And can I just say, a clean kitchen makes me so happy. 

I mean. It's always "clean" but NOTNING is out of place right now. ::sigh:: the silly things that make women happy....
We're so busy this week. 
Tune in tomorrow for this amazing recipe


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