Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Well well well.
As you saw on Friday, I had two snow days last week on Thursday and Friday! Yay! I love a random 4 day weekend. 
It was glorious! 
We literally sat inside ALL day Thursday and watched the snow fall and watched 4 movies! We watched Restrepo, Korengal, The Best of Me and Blended. 
Amazing...such brave men

Amazing. God Bless our Heros

Good but BAD!

Loved it!!

The first two were amazing! If you love war documentaries this is for you.  Completely entrancing. I loved both. 
The Best of Me is Nicholas Sparks most recent movie and Oh. My. Gaaahh did it RIP out my heart. And Blended with Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler is predictable but funny and cute. I love the two of them so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. 

Not even halfway done.... yuck

I got the notification that school was closed again Friday pretty early Thursday night. We had about 8 inches of snow on top of a layer of ice. And the snow was still falling at 10pm so I knew either way there wasn't going to be school. 
Ted had a delay at work so I watched The Best of Me again since we had rented it on the Apple TV and still had it for a few more hours.'s not all this sweet people...

 I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. Then I took advantage of the day and power cleaned the house and did lots of laundry. Friday night Ted and I went to Fuji for seafood since it's still lent. And instead of sushi we got hibachi which was delicious!! Then stopped at Kohls to return our broken nutra-bullet and then walmart for some pictures I ordered one hour and some supplies. Then back home and we were in bed by 9:30! 
Saturday was pretty funny. We got up early and ate breakfast then literally hung out in bed til 2:30. We talked, watched tv, played with the cats, napped.  It was something we never do but loved. Haha. Then headed over to Seaside for the St. Pats parade shenanigans. 


We're too old for that crap anymore and it was freezing so we stayed for a little bit to hear a friends band play then headed to my moms.
This is just a SMALL fraction of the amount of people over there. CRAAAYYY

We sat with her for a while then took her out for dinner. After that we came home. 
Sunday I got up for church. Ted had
to help his sisters boyfriend move some furniture. We came back home did some things around the house. I made the most amazing cupcakes. 
These are amazing. Absolutely AMAZING.

Recipe Wednesday!! And we went for a drive before going to moms for Sunday dinner with the whole fam. It was such a great 4 day weekend. We got a lot done. Did a lot of relaxing and really just enjoyed the unexpected time off! 

This also happened on Saturday... But I missed it 😩

I told Ted I'd leave him for Scott Stevens in a second...he said he'd let me go HAHAHA
Love my Devils & Scotty !!
Excited for The Bachelor tonight!! I hope he chooses Becca! 


But he probably won't... Can't wait to see Sheaffer's recap too!! 

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