Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty low key.
On Friday I had a little interview after work at another school to possibly switch to elementary level, but I think I might pass for several reasons. Lots to consider, luckily I have time. 
#truth ~ lol
Friday night Ted and I went to Mud City for crab cakes.  I didn't get a photo buy it was delicious!! I had a crab cake with jalapeƱo reumolade and old bay fries.  Ted had a crab cake sandwich with the same reumolade and garlic fries. 


And let's not forget about their amazing oyster crackers 

We headed home to watch the hockey game... Devils lost but it was a good one to watch.

Saturday, Ted had to work overtime so I cleaned the house. I got it all done by the time he got home at 2:30 and we relaxed together a bit then headed to Outback for dinner but there was a 2 hour wait! Then called Longhorn, they also had a 2 hour wait! Then called the old standby Houlihan's. 45 minute wait!! So we went to Smashburger instead. 
I had a burger, he had a chicken sandwich and we got an Oreo mint shake to go. Delish!!

We headed home to see the end of the Devils game then watched the movie
Horrible Bosses 2. 
It was ok, funny...but not an out of the park movie. 
Some parts were really funny, others kinda dumb

Sunday we went to church then took a 40 minute trip north in the snow to get coffee from Rook - a favorite of ours and to hit up a donut place we heard of called Broad St. Donut Co. Coffee was amazing. Donuts were good.

Ted's friend came over for a little bit to hang out - his wife is pregnant and due any day now. ❤️
So they got some bro time in before baby!! 
I whipped up these no bake cookies I saw on Farmhouse Rules earlier.
They are super easy and quite yummy! 

Recipe soon...
We headed to my moms for dinner... She made roast pork, scallop potatoes and veggies and an amazing coffee cake for dessert. 
All in all it was a great weekend. I love going to bed at night when nothing is out of place and everything is done! Who's with me there.... Lol 

And thanks for the prayers! My brothers dog Cooper is all better!!
Turns out he swallowed a peach pit sometime in the warmer months and finally started to "pass" it and it made him VERY sick, like almost to the point they thought it was the end, but thank God for answering our prayers that he made it through it and is acting like a puppy again... Yay!!

Have a great Monday! 


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