Monday, March 16, 2015

Mid-Month Confessions ~ March

It's the middle of the month again, and I'm linking up with Heather & Elizabeth to share my confessions with ya! So sit back grab a cuppa coffee and come laugh at with me....

Ted & I watch Wheel of Fortune every single night (if we're home).
We make fun of ourselves by saying our "program" is on because that's what my Grandma used to call her "shows". I also watched religiously with my Grandma btw.
Anyway... We competitively try to solve each puzzle and beat the actual players.
We get very in to it and high five each other if we actually beat the players.
Then when the lottery commercial comes on we try to guess t
he numbers and rarely get them correct and are bummed out about it.

Also, I secretly want to be Vanna White, because:
a) she looks amazing for 58
b) her life seems to be super glamorous (travel, free stuff, easy peasy job etc.)
c) her job is seriously brainless (Um, 8 Mil /year touch a screen...and walk back and forth)
d) hello wardrobe/shoes!

Why didn't I become a letter turner....sheesh ;-)
(love her)

Every now and then I get a craving for McDonald's fries and a coke.
Most of the time I ignore the craving...however on the rare, I cave in.
I'm telling you, IF I eat that 3x a year that's a lot.
So I order up medium fries and a medium coke and enjoy every greasy second.
I'm so not a fan of fast food, but there's just something about McDonald's fries and fountain coke that gets me every time...Anyone with me on this?
Remember those bodysuits that snapped in the crotch? I know ya do... I had a few, I even had turtle neck ones. I was one hot fashionista when I was little...
Well, I secretly long for them to come back in to availability like they used to be.
I know they are "out there" but not the kind that used to be.
I wear a tank top of some sort under EVERYTHING I wear.
I always tuck it in to my pants/jeans/shorts ~ Not sure when this started happening, but its been that way for a while. I'd love the bodysuit kind of tank so I didn't have to worry about the possibility of the un-tuck. Who's with me? Anyone? Bueller?
You know you love this

Victoria's Secret even has them! But I hate collared shirts

This is my dream. The shirt NEVER comes out!!

I am OB-SESSED with blanket scarves. If you haven't seen as much throughout my blog this winter, then allow me....
Well, Tara Lynn's had a sale on the remaining scarves in stock for $15.99 each.
That's more than half off. So naturally I bought 2 more. Because 3 wasn't enough.
So now I have 5. And this is just blanket scarves. DON'T get me started on the rest of my scarf collection...there isn't enough time in the day ladies.

I love Krimpets
If ya'll don't have Tastekakes where you live, then I feel sorry for you.

Sure, they are loaded with sugar and fat but they TASTE delicious.
Especially the cream filled ones.
I may or may not have had these for breakfast a few times...
What can I say, I'm a sucker for sweets
I had braces from 8th grade to the end of 10th
Basically from 13-16 years old (so 1995-1998)
And I loved it.
What kid loves braces?? Apparently this one did.
But after I had braces, I had a retainer.
I had one of those plastic mold ones, not the wire over the teeth thing.
I wore my retainers religiously since the day my braces came off until my dog chewed them up. I just about lost it. #forreal
I remember calling my mom to ask what my Orthodontist's name was (because I wanted to get new ones.) Mind you this was sometime in 2009ish and my Ortho had since retired. Hahaha
Needless to say, my teeth have stayed straight :)
Most nights, when I get my water before bed... Both of my cats come running when I open the fridge. A while ago I gave them milk and they loved it and now associate it with when I open the fridge. Not so bad right? Well... 
Now I pour a little splash of milk for each of them..... 
On the kitchen floor.... Lol
Yup this is real life people :-)
I clean my floors often, don't worry haha
And don't mind little cat's hair loss....she's a frequent groomer. Vet says she should eventually break the bad habit. Fingers crossed.
Hope your weekend was fabulous, stop by tomorrow for a weekend wrap up
 - Tuesday Edition!


  1. These are EXCELLENT confessions my friend!! Let me see... I'm a huge fan of McDonald's fries too, they can't be beat; I'm jealous of your blanket scarf wearing abilities - I always look like a hot mess - key word HOT; I'm craving Krimpets now (which I've never had); and, I always wanted braces!! :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hilarious as always!! Love that you pour milk straight on the floor for your cats. Awesome. And I definitely remember those leotard tank tops from childhood! Don't know that I want them to come back though... I feel like I remember constant wedgies... so maybe mine were too small- ha.

  3. And OH! Wheel of Fortune- hello! Love that show. Matt and I miiiight have made a video to qualify for the couples show a few years ago. We never heard back but we both think we'd kill it on that show- HA!