Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pinterest is taking over!!!

...And I mean that in the most loving way possible.
I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! I do. But dang. Where on earth am I ever going to have enough money and time to create all these amazing things that I've "pinned" !? (haha)
So Obviously, we're selling our home, Oh - I just purchased a St. Joseph home selling kit by the way - so yea. Haha Anyway, I've been a pinning machine lately because I can't wait to get in to a new house and make it OURS! ALSO - We've been talking about babies and so I've been pinning ALL THINGS BABY....like a dang champ.
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After the fiasco that was "THE" house from a few weeks ago, we are now talking more seriously about new construction. There just is no competition with it. Everything is new, and you just have to move in and unpack. AND - the homes we're looking at are 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom colonials with a 2 car garage so what else do ya need really?
Remember this kitchen....

Yes. Please.
Oh to have enough room for all my "kitchen" stuff!!
And the amazing master suite with huge walk in closet it exactly what I need :)
Speaking of closets....
I'd really love to hear from anyone who recently bought a house...
My husband bought our house we're in now almost 6 years ago....
So this whole buying/selling thing is new to me.
I love the buying part but the selling part is killing me!
I'm so anxious to get out!!
I dream to do this in our new house...
Have a cool "mudroom" entry into the house from the garage

For the gust bathroom

For the pantry door - love this!

For my Jakey boy under the stair case!
Go check out my Pinterest page and see what I've been pinning lately ;)
Happy Tuesday


  1. A huge closet is definitely key and a mudroom too! I'd love to have that little doggy area.. so cute!