Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

So last week, I mentioned that we went to look at a house that I thought was "the one"
Well. I was WAY off! Haha
Unfortunately, when we went back with our builder friend, he said it was no good.
It had about 7" of water from Sandy in the crawl space, and the furnace is down there and it appears that the water damage was never remediated. So there is concern for the wiring throughout the whole house and the need for a new furnace and different placement for it. AND the house was a modular attached to an old bungalow. WHO KNEW!?
So for this information, I am THANKFUL that we found this house BEFORE we made an offer and got in WAY over our heads!
So we're still on the hunt...
I am THANKFUL for the girls I work with. Since I began my job here 3 years ago, we have formed such great friendships. The school psychologist and I both got married last year a month apart so we spent most of the time from our engagements to our wedding, talking about wedding EVERYTHING. Now, we are all baby talk! Haha
The 3 of us truly get along great and group text after work and on the weekends and have so many jokes together. I'm truly appreciative of their friendship.
My cousin Mark - he blogs at Mark's Casual Kitchen and has some of the most amazing recipes ever. I love our friendship and how we can have so many jokes, and laughs and share awesome recipes with each other. I do however, NOT like how far away he lives from me. It's about a 3-4 hour drive (depending on traffic and the time of year)
He's a good genuine guy who I am lucky to have as family!
I am thankful for FEELING BETTER!
I've had this stomach issue going on since early Monday morning and it had seriously gotten the best of me for about 3 days straight. The general blah and exhausted feeling is NOT something I am a fan of.
I am thankful for this little gem I picked up for $10 at Starbucks after Christmas.
I fill it up with ice and then water and squeeze half a lime into it.
OMG - Heavennn
And if you are putting lemon in your water, consider lime.
It's SO much better - in my opinion - and so refreshing.
It's big but fits in the car cup holder - it's perfect
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


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  1. Hey girl!! I came by because I saw your comment on my blog today (but I couldn't email you back because there was no email address associated with your comment). Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and for the positive comments you wrote. You are so right that a rainbow is definitely coming behind this storm. Even writing everything out just to get it OUT helped me feel a bit better. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the prayers for my dad :)