Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ NJ Style

My Favorite things today is all about living where I live…
New Jersey gets a bad rap sometimes, but I absolutely love it here.

Especially the beaches, close proximity to NYC and Atlantic City and Philly.And honestly, the residents of NJ are pretty defensive of criticism. No we aren't anything like "Jersey Shore" on MTVNo we don't have cancer water...And no our beaches aren't contaminated!

 I love that we get to experience all 4 seasons.


My favorite is hands down, fall.

But early fall – when it’s still sort of warm and the air smells so fresh. I really enjoy the summer too. But once summer starts to wind down, I get so excited for fall, then once fall closes out I get excited for Christmas and snow and all thing cold. But that love is brief because I then want spring. Haha it’s really a weird cycle and I don’t think I’m alone on these feelings. But here at the Jersey shore we have really hot summers and really cold winters and everything in between.

I love being so close to the beach

Seaside Park Entrance....
 My beach going has seriously gone down over the last couple of years, but I do enjoy going and sitting in a beach chair with an umbrella (I burn like a champ)
Last year, I don’t think I got to sit on the beach AT ALL because I was planning our wedding and had like 6 other weddings one of which I was the MOH and one of which Ted was in.
So we were quite busy.

I love that I grew up "working" at the beach.
I worked at a place called Water Works. It's still kind of there now, but it has a new name and is all sorts of different.
But back in the day, that was THE place to go in the summer.

Sorry for the bad pic - its googled and that's all I found
I was a "wrist band attendant" when I first started at 14 - I put on and took off the wrist bands you had to wear to go there.
Then I moved up to Slide Attendant, where I told you when to go and when to wait.
And then lifeguard.
I worked there until I was 18 and LOVED it!
It was so much fun in the summer....
A few years ago it made the switch to "Breakwater Beach"

Once I graduated high school - I started working at a liquor store haha

There are so many other reasons I love it here.
Ya'll should come for a visit!
There's lots to do here :)

Linking up with Andrea today!
Have a Great Weekend!!


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