Monday, March 30, 2015

Nail Polish & Weekend Wrap Up

Ahh Monday again... How quickly you creep up!
Wrapping up my weekend & Sharing my favorite nail polishes!
 Linking up with Andrea for this one....
All of them are OPI - and I truly prefer gel...
Black Onyx is a fave for sure.... but black is tough sometimes
 Black Cherry Chutney is my GO TO!
I do this one OFTEN!!
 Skyfall is another favorite.... love the deep red color
And when I'm feeling saucy... I got for French tips. But I have little patience for tips...
but I love the way it looks..

On Friday after work I went home and tackled some laundry because let's not kid ourselves, I always have a huge laundry pile going on...
I made flat bread pizzas for dinner...

Usually when I make my homemade pizza, I do it a bit differently,
But since it's Lent, I'm keeping it meat free & simple.

This is the only picture I grabbed of the two of us. Yikes. 

Saturday Ted had to work, so I did come cleaning around the house and then once he came home we went to do a few errands and grabbed dinner at outback. 
We had some fun at Harbor Freight as well....

Loooong story about why I wanted a welding helmet! Totally hilarious. 
I got a great deal on cowboy boots at......
KOHLS! I paid $16.79 for these bad boys. I love them and love to channel my inner Texan. 

Sunday I went to church for Palms :)
And while I was heading over the bridge I saw this...

Then headed to moms to help her do a few things. We ended up getting two truck beds full of firewood for her from a friend. She was super stoked! 
Life is extremely hard being a pet in our home. I mean....

Later, Ted & I went out for dinner with my Pop Pop and his wife to an Asian Buffet that he has been dying to get us to go to with him.
Not my favorite choice for dinner, but it wasn't awful ;)
I saw these photos on a link about texas and loved them...

 I need this shirt!
Thankfully this is a 4 day work week then I'm officially on Spring Break!!
Super excited for this week to end and get on with my staycation!
Have a great week everyone!

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