Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by! I hate when that happens.
On Friday I went out for lunch with my mom like always, and it had started to snow. I got back to work around 12:30 and went to my office (which has no windows, lucky me) so I didn’t see what was going on outside until I was told by someone else that “the snow was coming down fast and heavy and accumulating” so I got up to go look and saw a winter wonderland!
My male co-worker was like, ok let’s pack it in and get out of here before it gets worse.
This is what I saw walking out of my building….
 And then this was driving....
Heading into my neighborhood.... looks like Alaska!

Fun Stuff!!
On Saturday, we did a few errands and then went to visit our friends who just had a baby and snuggle with the lil man for a bit...
My stomach wasn't feeling so hot - hence the face... but OMG the cuteness!!


I went out with my mom, aunt and cousins for my cousins birthday and these two (mom and aunt) were fighting over who got to pay the bill for the whole table... we were rolling funny.
Sunday morning, Ted got up early to take a ride to Cabela's with his Dad...
I headed to church with my mom and nephews...
I was happily wearing my new tunic from Tara Lynns
sooo comfy!!
When I came home this little nut was trying to get something from my bag

And when I ate my lunch....we were having a stare down. She wanted my turkey!

Sunday night we took the long way along the water to my moms house for dinner.
When we got home, these two were all cuddled up on the couch

And because I didn't do a weekend recap last week - we took my nephews bowling...
We had a blast & they just love their uncle :-)

How stinkin' cute is this kid!

 This came up on Trivia Crack this weekend.... I laughed a little because what female doesn't know this answer?! Haha

Have a great week!

 ~My favorite " go to " home remedy for being sick is:
Tea, Sleep and a heated blanket!

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